We share our origins with many other software oriented corporations where talented individuals polled their resources and struck out on their own. Our particular history follows this path with Thomas Rach, the founder of NTS and the Apollo ERP platform, bringing together a small group of gifted individuals and forming a new company to service the automotive customers within Germany in 1990.

As the company and core product grew, the number of customers acquired outside of the automotive industry also expanded creating a realization in the early years that the flexibility that had been built into the foundation of Apollo ERP allowed it to be utilized very easily within any manufacturing environment. Over the years the demands of the Apollo ERP system increased and new features were continuously released to meet these expanding customer requirements. As a result the Apollo ERP system now supports a wide range of businesses; from simple fabrication all the way up to aerospace, defense, pharmaceutical and of course, automotive manufacturing corporations around the world.

NTS Milestones

1990 – Company founded
1991 – First large automotive customer
1993 – First Windows 3.11 Version (additional to Unix)
1995 – Diversification into different industries
1996 – New headquarters located in Heppenheim, Germany
1997 – First international customers
1998 – First large pharmaceutical and food customer
2000 – New modules for EDI
2001 – First all-barcode release
2003 – First customer in aerospace industry
2005 – First FDA-certified customer
2006 – New modules for mobile computing, PDA’s
2007 – New release 7.0 launched
2008 – Rapid growth in all sectors including largest deployments to date around the world
2009 – Chinese version launched
2010 – New office in Vancouver launched for North American Sales & Support