What brings them together is their fundamental need for process controls within their manufacturing and fabrication environments along with the need to link this fundamental area of their business in the other facets of their organization. 

RST Instruments

RST Instruments is a world leader in the manufacturing and distribution of quality geotechnical, mining and structural monitoring equipment. - www.rstinstruments.com

Coastal Pacific Crane

Coastal Pacific Crane designs, develops and manufactures a diverse set of cranes, hoists and jibs - www.gantron.com


Landyachtz is a manufacturer and distributor of the most diverse line of longboards and longboard equipment in the world. - www.landyachtz.com


Brenco is a metal processing and fabrication firm specializing in the bending, cutting and forming of sheet and plate metal. - www.brenco.com


Rokutec specializes in the production of a variety of industrial plastics and plastic parts. - www.rokutec-gmbh.de


KLW / Lutz

Lutz / KLW was founded in 1935 and is a well established producer of shop-floor equipment. - www.klw.com

Primed Medical Supplies

Producing about 400 quality products for the medical and laboratory industry, Primed Medical supplies was founded in 1946 under the name of Wiesmann & C.KG - www.primed-halberstadt.de

Sheiba Stamping & Tooling

Scheiba Stamping & Tooling are specialists in the manufacturing of medium stamping products using Sun bending, punching and pulling techniques. - www.scheiba-gmbh.de

Technogerma Systems

An international specialist in the turnkey construction of engine and vehicle test benches for internal combustion engines. Technogerma's client portfolio includes Mercedes, Porsche, AMG, Siemens and Stihl. - www.technogerma.com

AK Feinrohr

AK Feinrohr is the business of producing high-grade stainless steel pipes & tubes for the automotive, area heating and general structure industries. - www.ak-feinrohr.de


A service provider of Integrated Circuitry testing for clients such as Motorola, Nokia, BMW Group, Philips, Bosch and many others. - www.roodmicrotec.com


DIHSE is a manufacturer of customized components made of thermoplastic synthetics for the Aerospace and Medical industries. - www.dihse.de


Somatec is a manufacturer of highly specialized and custom metal parts for a variety of industries. - www.somatec-gmbh.de


A leading provider of environmental radiation monitoring systems, Envinet develops integrated solutions for nationwide early warning systems, ring monitoring around nuclear plants as well as mobile detection systems. - www.envinet.com

Schmedt Bookbinding

Schmedt specializes in the making of industrial strength book-binding machines that are used by a variety of publishers world-wide. - www.schmedt.com

Formtec Plastics

Schotte Automotive

Kaiser Engineering

Formtec is a company that specializes in the manufacture of plastics and polyurethane processing. - www.formtec-kunststoffe.de

Schotte Automotive provides rapid prototyping and production of fastening solutions for the automotive industry. - www.schotteautomotive.com

Kaiser Engineering specializes in a variety of industrial manufacturing including deep drilling (hole drilling, turning, milling and honing. - www.kaiser-maschinenbau.de

HSM Hans Sauermann


HSM Hans Sauermann GmbH & Co. KG develops, designs and creates complete systems and tools for forklift, tractor and forest machinery industries. - www.sauermann-maschinenbau.de

HSM Hans Sauermann

BM&M's screening products are primarily used in industrial settings such as saw mills, recycling plants, various agricultural plants as well as chemical and aggregate settings. - www.bmandm.com

HSM Hans Sauermann

Master blenders of high-quality teas, Tealeaves started in Vancouver in 1994 by 15 entrepreneurial and culturally diverse North Americans who found commonality in tea. - www.tealeaves.com

Extra Aircraft

Extra Aircraft use Apollo ERP to build some of the world's most competitive aerobatic and business aircraft. - www.extraaircraft.com



FKW is a mid-sizes company founded 25 years ago with a reputation for modernizing and maintaining tools and machinery. It also designs and builds custom machines. - www.fkw.info


Since 1969 Riexinger has been a leading developer and producer of plastic welding machines, pipe saws for processing of plastic pipes, holdings, fitting and profiles. - www.riex.de


Thomas Noltemeyer steel and engineering has an impressive list of some of the newest models of CNC lathes and milling machines and covers everything from custom engineering to steel processing. - www.thomas-noltemeyer.de

Wilfried Schmidt, Tubingen

Wilfried Schmidt in Tuebingen, Germany is a market leader for the manufacture of fearless hub dynamos. - www.nabendynamo.de

August Schmid, Donzdorf

Schmid Donzdorf is one of the leading producers of custom made gasoline / diesel tank system and sheet metal parts. It is one of the primary suppliers for Porsche, John Deere, Volvo, AMG and Claas. - www.schmid-donzdorf.net

FKM Walzentechnik Duisberg

FKM Walzentechnik Duisburg is a specialist for flexible and covered rolls made of non-woven fabrics, polyurethane and high-temperature materials. - www.fkm-walzen.de

Schellen & Flack

Schellen & Flack has been a specialist in tube trading and processing for the last thirty years. - www.schellen-flack.de

WDM - Wolfshagener Draht

Wolfshagener Draht is a producer of custom made industrial metal grids for landscaping, construction, animal farming, machinery and protection system. - www.wdm-wolfshagen.de

Breezer Aircraft

Breeze Aircraft is one of the leading single engine light sport aircraft producers in Germany. Every single aircraft is hand-made in Germany to the highest standards of the aircraft industry. - www.breezeraircraft.de

Stoerring & Brueckmann

Soerring & Brueckmann is a manufacturer for fastening systems and CNC turning parts. -


Waldmann Exclusive Pens


Waldmann Exclusive pens has been producing exquisite pens made of solid sterling silver since 1918. - www.waldmannpen.com 

More NTS Apollo Clients: 

Spir Star - www.spirstar.de

Salus - www.salus.de

Dr. D. Muller GmbH - www.mueller-ahlhorn.com

Lueck - www.lueck.de

Ridder - www.ridder.de

KLW / Lutz - www.klw.com

Lamberts - www.lamberts.de

A Jazbinsek - www.jazbinsek.de

Holzner Medical - www.holzner.net

Fortuna - www.fortuna.de

LOMI Process Technology - www.loemi.com

Wam GmbH - www.wamgmbh.de

Walter Schmidt GmbH - www.wsneustadt.de

TME Mechanical - www.tme-maschinenbau.de

Eurodor - www.eurodor.com

DER Electroincs - www.der-elekronik.de

Klaus Bongartz GmbH - www.bongartz-klaus.de

Metall-Technik-Muller - www.metemu.de

Lorenz Measuring - www.lorenz-messgeraetebau.de

The Rosenbaum Group - www.ztrb.de