Software Development Services for Custom ERP Integration

While Apollo ERP is designed for easy installation and integration with existing systems, there are still many things you’ll need our help with. And the good news is that we’ll be right there helping you! From the basic necessities such as configuring the format of the standard documentation and printouts to setting up appropriate dialogues, user interfaces, authorization levels, menus, lists and reports, our software engineers will be there to help at every turn so that you don’t need to worry about making mistakes.

Depending on your needs we can customize the platform to work with specific circumstances that arise within your business environment. Whether we need to integrate with some of your equipment or other platforms you need for managing other areas of your business, we are there to assist in making those connections.
It’s also important to recognize that we take a unique approach to this type of development work. We build your needs directly into the universal platform that all Apollo ERP customers share. This approach allows every Apollo ERP customer to have a system that meets all of their specific needs and yet they are never excluded when a product update or upgrade cycle emerges. Many competing platforms do not offer this kind of universal adaptability and we often see customization creating isolation of a customer from future improvements to the platform they bought into. Our approach also has created an additional benefit in that Apollo ERP has gained an enormous amount of functionality from previous installations. This is part of what makes Apollo’s modules so capable of delivering such deep levels of customization.

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