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Enterprise Resource Planning software can be a giant leap forward for an organization, or a crazed leap of faith over a cliff edge. There are far too many stories of companies that took the leap and integrated ERP systems that didn’t make sense for their business. Other problematic ERP integrations involve stories of businesses  simply not recognizing the volume of work required to implement certain platforms, and in doing so created nightmares for their staff and operational efficiency. This is often attributed to solutions providers and partners of large ERP vendors simply looking for a successful sale, regardless of adequate fit between a customer's needs and the solutions they are providing. Even more distressing is the number of partnered solutions providers that don’t seem to understand how to properly implement the very ERP systems they are installing. 

We take a different approach at NTS Apollo and our integration outcomes are far different than the scenarios laid out above. We are big advocates of the “measure twice, cut once” mantra and our consultation in advance of an installation is thorough and honest. We represent all facets of the Apollo ERP platform from direct sales and support to our development team in Heppenheim, Germany, where the software was created and continuously improved upon since 1990.

Our platform does not do everything. It wasn’t designed for everyone. But for the customers we can and do help, Apollo ERP delivers an astonishing level of return on investment.

Our job is to ensure that there is a good fit between your organizations needs and our product’s capabilities. At the onset we begin a comprehensive evaluation of your existing business model, its existing processes, and do a thorough SWOT analysis. We demonstrate to your team the capabilities of Apollo ERP, and specifically how it can help your organization operate more effectively. With your direct involvement we work to identify the best plan for implementation as well as the coordination of critical data migration, personnel training, and onsite support during all major steps.

But what Apollo ERP can do, for customers whose needs fit its broad range of capabilities, is phenomenal. We have a long list of customers who are more than happy to confirm this.

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