Apollo ERP X for the Electronics Manufacturing Industry

Electronics manufacturing is not only one of the most demanding manufacturing environments with extremely low tolerances for variances and errors but also one that is subject to probably the most rapid technological change and customer demand. Customers are increasingly demanding a faster pace of product releases which means electronics manufacturers must find new ways to increase yields, automate part procurement and deal with the growing complexity of sourcing components from the Far East.

Electronics and high tech manufacturers of all sizes are under constant pressure to innovate in an industry where product cycles are short, but procurement lead times are increasingly long, and supply chains continue to globalize. Other challenges include stringent quality standards and regulatory standards that leave little room for profit.  Our deep experience with Electronics manufacturing clients has allowed the Apollo ERP X software platform to evolve rapidly alongside the demands of the Electronics manufacturing industry. Read on to find out about the kind of challenges that Apollo ERP X has tackled head on:

The Unique Challenges for the Electronics Manufacturing Industry

  • Lot tracking, batch tracking, and serial # tracking
  • Sourcing identical parts or completed components from different manufacturers
  • The ability to track generational variations and versions of the same part or product
  • Varying quality control standards for different customers and different geographical locales.
  • The ability to assign AQL (Acquired quality levels) to various suppliers.
  • The ability to accurately track swimming goods (in transit) as most are sourced in the Far East and reliably predict the estimated time of arrival.
  • Extremely complicated unit conversions including the ability to account for surface mounted devices and calculate varying yields to reflect the right inventory across all supplies and parts
  • Part and supply expiration dates
  • First in / First out production and order scheduling
  • Just in time ordering
  • Ability to handle blanket orders and call off orders including the ability to monitor remaining quantity
  • EDI (Electronic Data Interchange) to rapidly receive daily demand projections from customers as well as the ability to broadcast your needs to your suppliers for the coming days, weeks and months.
  • The need for complex document control including managing international paperwork and cutting through the regulatory puzzle of various countries
  • Compliance controls that are aligned with quality management and risk management
  • Low-cost competition from the developing world
  • Solutions to automate BOMs, engineering change orders (ECOs) and other critical manufacturing documents.
  • Components often become instantly unavailable, lead times change frequently, and parts are often sources from an unusually large number of vendors.

How Apollo ERP X Software Meets and Exceeds the Demands of the Electronics Manufacturing Industry

With the experience of dozens of deployments in the electronics manufacturing industry, the Apollo ERP X software platform has grown to incorporate solutions for the varied and complicated challenges of the industry. Additionally ERP has been designed to grow with your company from your first to your 500th employee, the flexibility in the Apollo ERP X system is unrivaled anywhere making it ideal for electronics manufacturers of all sizes.

Apollo ERP X is a full-suite software package that includes integrated modules to help you run your entire manufacturing business. It includes various modules for CRM, Inventory / Warehouse Management, Purchasing, Quality Assurance, Logistics, Project Management, Service, Business Intelligence and a dedicated Mobile application for maximum portability and efficiency within your manufacturing environment.

Unlike many other ERP vendors, even ones that specialize in the electronics manufacturing industry, NTS Apollo understands that even within the same industry, manufacturers have highly individualized workflows and manufacturing environments. Depending on the sophistication of your supply chain, existing software packages, and well-established processes, our specialists will perform a deep analysis of your requirements. This process allows us to make specific recommendations and aid in a smoother deployment process. If during this process our ERP specialists find that your manufacturing workflows require customized functionality outside the existing scope of our platform, our team will recommend and execute the necessary customizations to the Apollo ERP X platform to accommodate your specific needs. 

The Return on Investment with Apollo ERP X

Once the Apollo ERP X platform is deployed, and with sufficient training time, your electronics manufacturing company should begin to see rapid improvements in almost every area of your organization. These include revenue growth, improved overall productivity, improved production flexibility, as well as decreased machine and operator idle times. As your manufacturing priorities change based on customer demand and input, Apollo ERP X is flexible enough to keep up with complex operations such as: 

  • Moving jobs from one to one or multiple machines
  • Viewing the direct impact of your changes on labour, material, and on-time delivery, machine, and secondary equipment restraints
  • Managing last minute part substitutions that generate restock and word orders

The Benefits of Apollo ERP X as your Electronics Manufacturing Management Software

With Apollo ERP X as your solution, your business should expect to see gains in a wide variety critical areas including: 

  • Higher product quality
  • Better management of maintenance for all your machines and equipment
  • Higher on-time deliveries
  • Lower idle times across all your available resources
  • The ability to produce ever increasingly complex parts and products
  • Real-time dashboards to monitor every aspect of your production process
  • Shorter production cycle times
  • Reduce inventory costs
  • The ability to separate the estimation of BOM, engineering BOM, and production manufacturing BOM

A Selection of our Electronics Manufacturing Clients

RST INSTRUMENTS - A world leader in the manufacturing and distribution of geotechnical, mining and structural monitoring equipment. 

ROODMICROTEC - A service provider of integrated circuitry testing for clients such as Motorola, Nokia, BMW Group, Phillips, and Bosch.

Contact NTS Apollo today for a free consultation with one of our ERP specialists and discover how Apollo ERP can improve your electronics manufacturing business.