Small to Medium Business Edition

With improvements made to the core infrastructure of the software and to the performance of the database, Apollo ERP X remains an extremely robust and flexible choice for companies looking for a solution that will fit the intricacies of their unique business. Coupled with this is the addition of more advanced options and interfaces for reporting through new Business Intelligence and Customer Relationship Management modules.

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Professional Edition

By leveraging the continuously improving infrastructure of the web, as well as recently launched Azure cloud services by Microsoft within many major business centres in the world, NTS is excited to offer cloud delivery to customers wishing to utilize all the power of Apollo ERP X, without any of the localized hardware requirements.  This solution is perfect for customers looking to connect more than one location into a company wide ERP/MRP management solution.

Apollo ERP X Cloud Overview

Enterprise Edition

We've developed a streamlined suite of mobile tools for our Apollo ERP X and XC customers. These apps allow the Apollo ERP X and XC infrastructure to expand further into the field on increasingly mobile hardware.  Both iOS and Android devices are supported.  This gives our customers' sales and other field deployed staff increased access to critical and real-time information such as access to customer data, quotes and invoices, status updates and inventory data.

Apollo ERP XM Overview

Experience the power of a compact and robust ERP platform that does more, costs less, and connects your team in ways you only previously dreamed of.